The white-browed titi monkey, Callicebus leucometopa

In 1900 Cabrera described C. cuprea leucometopa from two specimens, one of unknown origin and the orther from Aguarico, Ecuador. Both specimens can be found  in the Naural History Museum of Madrid. The type specimens “have the the upper parts ashy-brown and the cheeks, all regions inside the extremities are a nice dark coppery-red or carrot colour. A white band perfectly marks the front of the head, exactly above the naked part of the face. The tail varies from blackish to dirty-white, the first colour dominating the basal-half, the second the rest”.

White-browed titi monkeys have often been identified as Callicebus discolor. If we assume that all white-browed titi monkeys (with the exception of C. ornatus and C. dubius), despite individual phenotypical variation, belong to one and the same species, the correct identity of the species is Callicebus leucometopa. 

Its distribution ranges from southern Colombia and Ecuador to central Peru.