Geoffroy’s titi monkey, Callicebus geoffroyi

The Geoffroy’s titi monkey, Callicebus geoffroyi, was described in 1914 by Alípio de Miranda-Ribeiro. He encountered the species during his work for the Comissão de Linhas Telegráficas Estratégicas de Mato Grosso ao Amazonas. A first specimen was obtained at Porto da Passagem, above Pomanta Bueno. However, that skin was considered to be useless as the gunshot removed a big part of the animal’s head. A second specimen was obtained at Urupá, on the Gy-Paraná.

He noted that  its coat was very pale and “very similar to the drawing given by Is. Geoff. S. Hilaire, which seems not to reproduce the C. moloch described by Hoffmansegg”.

However, the species is probably a synonym of Callicebus moloch, a very variable species.