Spix’s titi monkey, Callicebus gigotspix gigot 9x13

Spix described in 1823 a new species of titi monkey, Callitrix gigot. He described it as being “larger than the others. The hands, feet, ears and contour of the face are black. The tail is very luxurious, the upper side pale red. The rest of the body is ash-grey, fading towards red. The hairs are very long, blackish on the root, the rest being brown-reddish, mixed and ringed with black and yellow-red.  The face is dark brown, with some rigid black hairs on the cheeks; the lips and chin are covered with small white hairs, the hairs of the tail are all ferruginous”.

The species is considered to be a junior synonym of the earlier described Callicebus melanochir; the plate doesn’t match the description and is according to Hershkovitz (1990) figuring a Callicebus barbrarabrownae.

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